USDI RoadMap


In May provide the first grants to worthy recipients in Healthcare, Fair Elections as well as for Food Production & Delivery.

In September the first USDI mobile wallet is expected as well as a point-of-sale system for merchants to easily accept USDI online or off.

In October USDI will be accepted by the initial merchants in healthcare and food production.

In January reach one million nodes and one thousand businesses accepting USDI at the crowd-sourced inflation-adjusted value. Begin listing USDI on all exchanges against U.S. Dollar-backed stablecoins and top digital currencies.

Initial focus is GoldCare Telemedicine & Healthcare and food from American farmers, ranchers, dairies, fisheries and growers of grains, fruit and vegetables, coming together to build producer-owned co-ops that send food directly to consumers, all paid for with USDI exclusively.

The USDI Community is Focused on:

Healthcare - Ag/Food - Fair Elections - Education - Communications

- Small Business - Transportation - Energy - Raw Material