USDI Explorer

You can view the USDI explorer by clicking here.

A blockchain explorer shows the last price traded for a coin. The USDI Explorer shows this in U.S. Dollars so it is easy to understand. A blockchain "explorer" is a search engine, that enables you to search for information on a specific digital currency. The activities on block chains are known as transactions.


Transactions represent digital currency being sent to and from publicly viewable wallet addresses within that digital ledger, which cannot be manipulated because copies of each block and all transactions are shared amongst all computers on the network when recorded, so a hacker would have to manipulate all of the computers at once to succeed. Public addresses are displayed on all transactions. Private keys are like really long PINs for the ATM to make each account very safe.

The ledger that makes up the block chain is broken down into blocks. These blocks represent groupings of transactions that happened during a prescribed timeframe between which each block is created. Volunteers who commit their own hardware to become a node on the decentralized network are referred to as miners.

Therefore the
USDI Explorer is a blockchain explorer enabling you to see the creation of new blocks as well as the transfer of USDI coins between the wallets and public addresses of the the USDI community. Transactions and wallet ownership is both anonymous and secure, without requiring trust between parties because of the transparency of blockchain technology.