U.S. Dollar Inflation-adjusted currency (USDI) is digital currency designed to preserve buying power.

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USDI is pegged to 100 U.S. Dollars plus food & fuel inflation on 100 U.S. Dollars, and the increase or decrease in total U.S. Dollars in circulation. USDI is meant to go up and down in value based on inflation/deflation in monthly buying power for U.S. Dollars. Inflation information comes from trusted outside sources such as the Bureau of Labor & Statistics, the US Energy Information Administration, and the St. Louis Federal Reserve on circulating U.S. Dollars.

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When any USDI enters circulation it is backed 80% in fine gold, with 20% of the currency value derived in a manner similar to fiat currency, with the community that uses USDI agreeing to its perceived value and used for the cost of gold acquisition, safe delivery, vault storage, insurance, audits and overhead, as well as allowing for grants to worthy causes in healthcare, food production & delivery to consumers, education and other worthy causes.

As trust for USDI grows with merchant and consumer adoption, as the financial network becomes more robust and trusted, and to account for staking rewards of 1.1% annually, there may be a slight reduction over time in the total amount of gold backing the currency to account for the staking rewards, which could range from ~0.01% to no more than 1.1%. To hit a 1.1% reduction in gold backing the currency on an annual basis would require one hundred percent of all coin holders to stake one hundred percent of all issued coins 24/365, which is highly unlikely. It is more likely going to be a fraction of that amount.

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