USDI is digital currency designed to preserve buying power.

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USDI is pegged to 100 U.S. Dollars plus food & fuel inflation on 100 U.S. Dollars, and the increase or decrease in total U.S. Dollars in circulation.

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U.S. Dollar Inflation-adjusted currency (USDI) is meant to go up and down in value based on inflation/deflation in monthly buying power for U.S. Dollars.


When any USDI enters circulation it is backed 80% in fine gold, with 20% of the currency value derived in a manner similar to fiat currency, with the community that uses USDI agreeing to its perceived value.

The current inflation information comes from trusted outside sources.

The USDI Inflation App will be the first realtime crowd-sourced inflation gauge on U.S. food & fuel, and setting the valuation of USDI digital currency.

Merchants are expected to begin accepting USDI when the USDI Inflation App begins reporting realtime inflation in December 2022. Until then USDI Sales will occur on, which will host donations for several top causes.

  • The community can win USDI for inputting local food & fuel prices.

  • These inflation/deflation inputs become the agreed upon value of USDI.

  • The community spends USDI with participating merchants.

  • Merchants accept USDI at the price set by the USDI Inflation App.

  • Consumers purchase USDI from merchants for savings and spending within the ecosystem and merchants pay vendors that still require U.S. Dollars.

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